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If you want to identify the best sneakers, you need to look very closely at how they’re made. A shoe that carries the label “Made in Italy” could be manufactured in other countries, with only the last step being performed in Italy.

That’s not how we do things.

All steps - from design to cutting the leather to boxing the shoe - take place at our partner manufacturer in Veneto, Italy. They are working with the leading luxury labels of the world due to our long relationship we are able to offer the shoes to everyone


We take made in Italy Very serious. Soles, leather, and even our shoe boxes are sourced in the immediate region surrounding our manufacturer in the hillsides of Veneto.

When it comes to the shoe, other brands use pre-made components such as coated, lower quality skins and pre bought components such as margom soles we invest heavily in our product make and mould our own soles to create a unique and perfect fitting sole. We take no shortcuts and only use the highest quality leather for our sneakers. After a few weeks of wear, you see the difference: Our shoes stay nicer and adjust comfortably to your feet.


Tradition sometimes needs to be shaken up. Instead of adhering to antiquated fashion industry ideas of seasons and trend cycles, we take a fresh approach to releasing new, affordable product. Each month, we launch a new style, growing our men’s and women’s footwear collections while creating dialogue and connection with our clients—not to mention more immediate gratification.


Dutch-born designer Louis Leeman studied fashion at the source, in Florence, Italy, at Palimoda Institute, and Milan’s Institute Marangoni. Along the way he became passionate about the artistry of handcrafted shoemaking, and honed his talents while working with major fashion houses including, Roberto Cavalli, Casadei and many others.

In 2012, noticing an opportunity in the market for finely made men’s shoes with strong personality, Louis felt compelled to create an eponymous brand. He founded Louis Leeman, a contemporary luxury label informed dynamically by counterculture references, vibrant art forms and European craftsmanship.

Since the beginning, the brand ethos has been to deliver high-quality shoes, beautifully designed and detailed, at an attainable price point. With a move to Los Angeles in 2015, the attitude began evolving to reflect the cool, casual vibe for which Southern California is so beloved around the world.

Louis’ collection, crafted by hand in a low-volume Italian atelier, is for individuals who like a bit of attention and who use fashion to stand out for all the right reasons.